Our Parish

Our Parish

Welcome to St.Mary's Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Charlotte!
The desire to have our own place to celebrate mass in Syro-Malabar rite has been growing among the community members for a long time. We need a church facility to congregate, share in friendship & common bonds with others in the community. This will enable us to receive the sacraments in our traditional way, celebrate our traditional activities like annual retreat, perunnal, etc. Which is not imaginable in other churches under diocese of Charlotte. Introducing the next generation to the "Traditional values with which we all grew up" is invaluable by any measures to many community members Read More...

Our Services

Holy Qurbana
Holy Qurbana
Holy Qurbana
Sunday School
Sunday School
Sunday School
Marian Womens Forum
Marian Womens Forum
Marian Womens Forum
Our Patriarchs


Holy Qurbana Schedule

Monday : No Holy Qurbana

Tuesday : 7:00 PM Holy Qurbana

Wednesday : 7:00 PM Holy Qurbana

Thursday : 7:00 PM Holy Qurbana & St.Jude Novena

Friday : 7:00 PM Holy Qurbana & Way of the Cross

Saturday : 10:00 AM Holy Qurbana & St.Mary Novena

Sunday : 9:30 AM Catechism Class

Sunday : 10:30 AM Holy Qurbana

Sunday : 11:45 AM Malayalam Class

St.Mary’s Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Charlotte – NOTIFICATIONS

Thank you all for supporting the Raffle !!! The 2018 Raffle Results are available over the website.
Mon, 12/31/18 — 9:00 AM Holy Qurbana
Mon, 12/31/18 — 8:00 PM Holy Adoration & New Year Holy Qurbana.
Tue, 01/01/19 — No Holy Qurbana.

Wed, 01/02/19 — 7:00 PM – Holy Qurbana.
Thu, 01/03/19 — 7:00 PM – Holy Qurbana.
Fri, 01/04/19 — 7:00 PM – Holy Qurbana & Holy Adoration – FIRST FRIDAY.
Sat, 01/05/19 — 10:00 AM – Holy Qurbana & St. Mary Novena
Sun, 01/06/19 – 9:30 AM Catechism
Sun, 01/07/19 – 10:30 AM Holy Qurbana
Sun, 01/08/19 – 11:45 AM Malayalam Class